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Some References of the Next Wearable

Some References of the Next Wearable

We can find many types of smart watches in the stores. Still, we need to know the next wearables that attract more consumers out there. The brands vary regardless the price, size, and many other factors. The risk arises when it comes to buying the first generation products. We need to know the overall details and functionalities beforehand. Otherwise, we get disappointed as we can’t wear something we really want. For this motive, a slight comparison will give us more insights about the item. These are some references of upcoming wearable produced by different manufacturers. Let’s check them out!

Apple’s Watch 2

The first generation had been announced 2 years ago alongside with the iPhone six. That item was reintroduced on the market around 2015. However, we can’t wait for the next generation of their smart match. It will be more enhanced both in the terms of concept and functionality. Many of us have been expecting the second generation of Apple Watch. In accordance to rumor, the product will be in the marketplace around April 2016. The rumor has it. The watch will include a FaceTime camera and wireless fidelity connection. It will be able to receive text messages and emails when we are away from our phone.

Outdoor Smart Watch by Casio

CES becomes the only product that stays away from the mainstream concept. We can really take advantage of their new outdoor smart watch later. The design is quite unique so we can have distinct fashion among the crowds. There will be some new features included for their next product. It includes the vibration proof, shockproof, and waterproof technology. Not to mention the moniker becomes full meaty. The name of the next wearables is WSD-F10. The overall quality will be great as the watch has been licensed by US military qualifications. There’s going a slight change on its LCD touchscreen with a secondary monochrome display. The battery capacity will be improved as well.

The Blocks

Many of us also have been waiting for a new modular smartwatch produced by the Blocks. Based on some sources, this item will be in the marketplace around May 2016. The item will include a longer battery time and wider display. According to rumor, the manufacturer may include the processor of Snapdragon 400. We need to wait for the further information announced by the company. Not to mention it becomes one of the most favored choices advanced watches.

Final Thoughts

It seems difficult to determine our choice when it comes to the next wearables. After all, we must pick one based on our preferences and budget. Each of us indeed has different needs when it is about buying a high-quality smart watch regardless the price and brands. Many of us will buy a particular gadget based on the popularity of the company. It can’t be the basic consideration, though. We need to know what kind of features and details included in the item. For more information, we should perform a little bit research in order to compare and choose the best smart watch for us.

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