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IoT Internet de las Cosas - 2016 Madrid - España

IoT Internet de las Cosas - 2016 Madrid - España IoT 2016 Madrid Forum. Descubre los mejores proyectos de Internet de las cosas en el evento europeo más innovador sobre IoT. Las soluciones más avanzadas en un entorno de total conectividad. No te lo puedes perder. IoT 2016 Forum. El próximo mes de junio. En Madrid - España ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Executive Forum is pleased to host the IOT 2016 FORUM which will take place in Madrid - Spain on the 2nd of June (Thursday). With its theme of "IoT: Innovation & Technology" this event offers an unique forum for the Industry to engage through keynote sessions and conferences .

Madrid is the perfect location for this Forum. Alongside the stimulating content to be delivered in the Forum programme, the vibrant atmosphere of this historic city centre is sure to capture your imagination.

Taking place in Madrid Westin Palace, the 2016 IOT FORUM will be a very interesting gathering of IT decision makers, OEMs, technology providers, experts, innovators and business developers. Attendants will be impressed by the fact that over the years the IoT has become more than a vision and it is today considered as a real market. Buy your tickets at

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